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Flower 06/16/2021

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$ 700.00
***All Pictures taken after Delta 8 Infusion***
What you see is what you get guaranteed!
30% Delta 8 by weight
$700 per LB
$375 half pound
$225 quarter pound
Bulk discounts available call for details
Atlantic Marketing LLC
Not Applicable
quarter pound
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: Jody Freeman

This is what everyone is looking for in delta 8 flower
Beautiful Kush Hybrid strain.
Super green. Tight dense bud structure.
Loud gas nose.
Iced out - Looks like AAA deps
This is some of the best flower we have ever produced.
Infused with 30% delta 8 distillate for an experience similar to the real thing.
We are the experts in everything Delta 8. We produce several strains of flower, moon rocks, vape carts, disposable vapes, gummies and concentrates. Delta 10 coming soon!
Call 954-646-8608 for more info or to place an order.

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