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Flower 01/05/2022

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$ 800.00
Hand dipped moon rocks are made to order.
We use fresh, top shelf hand trimmed and rounded bubba kush hemp flower.
We remove the excess stems and dip each bud by hand in either delta 8 distillate or 50/50 Delta 8 and THCO and terpenes upon request.
We then coat them completely with either white or green CBG kief.
The result is the perfect moon rock that is over 50% hemp derived THC.
Sold by the pound:
Delta 8 only $750
THCO: $800
We also specialize in the most potent infused flower available. 30% + Delta 8 or THCO
Delta 8 $400 LB THCO - $450 LB
All boutique indoor / Light Dep or greenhouse flower.
Current strains available:
Bubba Kush
Sour Lifter
Sour Diesel
Froot Loops
Frosted Lime
Purple Punch
White Runtz (CBG)
Infused or hand dipped Moon rocks also available.
Call 954-646-8608
While supplies last
Not Applicable
1 LB
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: Jody Freeman

THC-O Flower is the latest legal smokable flower on the market. Our hybrid formula creates an experience comparable to the real thing. Celebrating our 3rd year on Raw Marketplace with a stellar reputation. Our customers tell us our flower is the most potent and consistent anywhere. What you see is what you get guaranteed! We are the flower infusion experts. We specialize in high potency top shelf flower and moon rocks. We also manufacture made from scratch delta 8 edibles, chocolates, cereal bars, pre rolls, vape carts and disposable vapes. Call for a custom quote Jody 954-646-8608

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