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Flower 01/05/2021

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$ 250.00
$250 per lb (Pricing is flexible on bulk orders)
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: Joe Marszalik

Tired of seeing pictures of flower with great color but receiving brown flower that looks nothing like the picture? Look no further, premium grade sun grown ORCBD Lifter with a loud, citrusy terpene profile with hints of lemon. Hand harvested and dried in a dark climate controlled room to preserve terpenes and color. Flower has really nice moisture content, excellent color (lime green), low seed count, and is fresh. (Harvested at the end of October) Its been testing at 20%+ cannabinoid content (17.64 CBDA), its high in THCA (.81) and is compliant with d9 limits (ND). Average bud size is medium/large, there's a ton of 3-7 gram buds in every lb. Smalls have been removed. The flower was machine trimmed once, and hand finished. Flower is processed and ready to ship. Buyer is responsible for paying the cost of shipping.

I will ship a free 3 gram sample of the flower, buyer is responsible for paying for shipping ($13) Flower is guaranteed to look like the pictures.

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