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Flower 10/08/2021

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$ 175.00
Selling at 25 pound increments in all sizes.
25 LBS - $5,000 ($200 per pound)
50 LBS - $8,750 ($175 per pound)
100 LBS - $15,000 ($150 per pound)
WA Biz Lic: 604-613-407
25 pounds
Bank Wire, Apple Pay, Venmo, Visa, Master Card

: Chayne

BHMC, LLC, dba King’s Hemp is a Western Washington family owned and operated Industrial Hemp farm. Our crops are hand planted and cared for by us every day of the season.
We have an estimated 1000 pounds of slow cured and properly stored Goliath from our 2020 harvest that needs to go to make room for the coming harvest. This is in all stages, from still on the branch, bucked, trimmed and sorted. All trim work is done using a Twister T4 which does an amazing job and hand finished when necessary.

We have post-harvest and post-cure COA’s.
We can provide 50 pounds per week of trimmed Goliath flower.

If you want other than trimmed, message me with your offer.
All serious offers will be considered.
If you want specific sized nugs or to exclude certain sizes then message me with details to see if we can accommodate you.
Samples go at a half-ounce for $40 which will be deducted from final bulk purchases. This is to ensure true buyers.

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