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Herbal teas have been used for centuries to help alleviate health issues. VERITAS Wellness Blends can help amend and restore your sense of well being. We carefully blended selections of organic flowers, fruits, and herbs to support you throughout your holistic journey. Everyone needs a little self-care now and then. VERITAS Wellness Blends are the perfect solution and make great gifts as well! Discreet dosing, health benefits, easy retail sales, all added values to include this SKU for your brand.
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All Blends are infused with 10mg THCA per bag

Serene 7even [ Hybrid ]. - Tranquil blend - good for relieving anxiety, tension and stress.

Triple Mint - Description : Refresh and Reset with our all mint tea, perfect for any time of the day. ( Sativa )

Peaceful Sleep (Indica 10mg) Description: Calm your senses and provide a good night's sleep. The herbs and fruits found in this composition are known for their calming effects on the nervous system, and their ability to prepare the body for essential deep sleep.

HER E'lan Vital ( Hybrid ) Intentional focus and care in creating our women's wellness blend. We celebrate the Women who make the world go around, empowering them with tools for self love and self care.

Butterfly Glow : Smile, glow, be at peace and ease. Our colorful tea blend serves as far more than a stunning visual display of herbs. All of the herbs in the Butterfly Glow selection have import in one's daily health regimen.

Queen's Seduction

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