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Distillate 08/03/2020

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Also, check out our D8 Product Line ( April 2021 )

D8 Capsules ( Goodnight Blend - Hemp Based RSO - Magnesium Capsules x D8 - Cre8tive Caps [CBG x CBD x D8 ] )

D8 Carts ( 0.5 grams + 1 gram )

D8 + CBN Carts

Goodnight Honey
Hybrid Goodnight Blend Honey
Creamy Honey
CBD Honey

D8 Honey/ Honey Sticks

D8 + CBN Honey/ Honey Sticks

D8 Tincture ( Water Soluble and Oil based )

D8 Gummies -- D8 + CBN Gummies -- D8 + CBG Gummies

-Bulk Isolate Gelatin Gummies 10mg-Lemon

-Bulk Isolate Gelatin Gummies 10mg-passion fruit

-Bulk Isolate Gelatin Gummies 10mg- berry

-Bulk Isolate Vegan Gummies 10mg-Lemon

-Bulk Isolate Vegan Gummies 10mg-passion fruit

-Bulk Isolate Vegan Gummies 10mg- berry

-Bulk Full Spec Gelatin Gummies 10mg-berry

-Bulk Full Spec Gelatin Gummies 10mg-lemon

-Bulk Full Spec Gelatin Gummies 10mg- passion fruit

-Bulk Full Spec Gelatin Gummies 10mg-peach

-Bulk Full Spec Gelatin Gummies 10mg

-Bulk Isolate Gelatin Gummies 25mg-Lemon

-Bulk Isolate Gelatin Gummies 25mg-passion fruit

-Bulk Isolate Gelatin Gummies 25mg- berry 

-Bulk 10mg: .12
-Bulk 25mg: .20

-Bulk Delta 8 Gummies *


*Contact us for current market pricing

KRUSH D8 Lemonades- Original, Mango, Raspberry

Contact Jennifer: 954.856.3749 Cell | KRUSH Office x online - 303.214.5340
1 unit
Cash - Venmo - cashapp - wire transfer - zelle = bitcoin

: Chase

303-214-5340 KRUSH - | Wholesale - Manufacturing - Boutique Selections
D8 Flower - D8 Tinctures - D8 Pre Rolls - D8 Bathbombs - D8 x CBG x Iso Capsules

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