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Manufactured Products 12/20/2020

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We have enjoyed meeting so many of you during the 2021 year - from conferences, visits to our locations and vents; we appreciate the love from those who became a part of the KRUSH family in some way. As to be expected from those who have worked with us in the past, we are back to launch several new products to the market to assist B2B customers add value to their brand and attract NEW customers with NEW PRODUCTS. The market is full of the same ish... we decided to switch things up a bit. We will of course offer the staple items that you are accustomed to, button you have more options in your purchasing wheelhouse.

NEW Adult Collection Gift Sets

KRUSH Adult Collections ( Pure Pleasure Collection - Less Stress More ... Collection ). - Excellent for Novelty Stores, Smoke Shops, Health and Wellness Stores and the like. Fully customizable options are available with our herbal based formulas. No weird chemicals, all products are made in-house, white label , no label etc...

KRUSH Erotic Collections are perfect for romantic nights at home, short getaways, or vacations. A discreet, fun, and sensual way to spice things up, experience a deeper connection and improve your sexual health. Whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned pro, our Erotic Collections will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

KRUSH Temptation Gummies: All natural, herbal based aphrodisiac gummies. Available in 25 mg- 50mg options. ( Full Spec - Delta 8 - THCo - Isolate) Vegan - 2.2 gram cubes - or 4.6 gram heart shapes. :). 6 Flavors available.

KRUSH Euphoric Capsules: Available in 3 pack with packaging or in bulk, the KRUSH Euphoric Capsules an alternative to gummies. All natural - herbal based, infused with CBD or a Hybrid formulation, providing for a relaxing and memorable experience.

KRUSH Edible Body Cream: Self Explanatory right? YEs, this is an actual body cream with benefits for the skin that tastes great as well. Customizable options for infusion and packaging as well.

Edible Massage Oil: Not doesn't taste gross! Who knew that you have have a massage and eat it too... Ok, ok, back to business. Yes, our formulation is herbal based, with various infusion options.

Hot S** Honey: Infused natural herbs that promote vitality and stamina, combined with our infused Honey, which ( Goodnight Blend ) ranked Top 5 in the 2021 Hemp Cup. We only use high quality honey, and natural- organic herbs in our formulations.

KRUSH HRSO Gummies contains a high cannabidiol percentage and small trace amounts of other cannabinoids such as THC. KRUSH RSO utilizes all natural herbs, a proprietary combination of major and minor cannabinoids. The benefits include pain relief, reduce anxiety &; depression, assist with diabetes prevention, and more. For additional information, feel free to contact us.

For Details on these collections, feel free to reach out to us.


Wholesale Bath and Body

We formulate all of our bath and body products in house. Bath Bombs, Salts, Scrubs, Body Butters, Hemp Infused Soaps, Gifts Boxes & More! KRUSH offers over 196 SKU's of different products, be sure to ask for a catalog.


Currently in stock we have salves, lotions, massage oil, neuropathy relief options, balms for respiratory solutions and more. Allow us to take the pressure off of your formulation staff by delivering high quality white label products to your company.

KRUSH Infused Honey
500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg, 6000mg || MOQ 12/Starting at $12.99

KRUSH CBD Infused Herbal Tea Blends
-Immunity, Detox, Nicotine Detox, Rise&Shine, Tranquility, GoodNight, Hangover Helper,Feminine Balance, Nursing Mama, Goddess Love Potion, Men’s AphroTEAsiac. |. 20-25mg Per Serving/Organic/Caffeine Free. |. Available in 4oz, 8oz, 16 oz and Bulk || MOQ 12/Starting at $12.99

**Need a copy of our Wholesale Pricing Catalog? Ask Us!

Additional Wholesale Items

15 mg CBN Gummies: .45 Small Batch. - .35 Bulk ( Non packaged, bulk bags only )
15 mg CBDx CBN Gummies: .50 Small Batch. - .45 Bulk ( Non packaged, bulk bags only )
15 mg CBN x 10 mg Delta 8: .75 Small Batch - Ask for bulk pricing
15mg CBN x 15 mg THCo: Request a quote
KRUSH CBN Hybrid: 15mg CBN - Natural herb formulation that promotes sleep - 15 mg CBD to ease anxiety and de stress. Ask for quote.

||| Delta 8 Gummies Discount Batches |||

Ask for current specials.

||| Delta 8 Gummies Bagged ||| - 10 Gummies per bag
( approx 3"x4" Mylar bags - 4 colors available | No Label )

25mg: 6.00 per bag (50 bag minimum )
50mg: 6.50 per bag (50 bag minimum )

||| Delta 8 Vapes + Disposables |||

1 Gram Vape Cartridge: $7.00. ( Min 24 )
1 Gram Disposable: $10.00. ( Min 12 )

||| Delta 8 Infused Flower |||

$400 - 500 per pound - ask which strains are in stock

||| Delta 8 Infused Honey |||

KRUSH Goodnight Honey ( Honey Infused with D8) - Placed top 5 in the High Times Hemp Cup
2 oz - 14.99 500mg ( min 24 )
4 oz - 19.99 1000mg ( min 24 )
8 oz - 24.99 2000mg ( min 24 )

KRUSH Goodnight Honey Hybrid ( CBD + Delta 8 + CBN )
2 oz - 24.99 500mg ( min 24 )
4 oz - 29.99 1000mg ( min 24 )
8 oz - 34.99 2000mg ( min 24 )

Delta 8 Honey Sticks
100ct - 138.99 ( Min of 100 )

||| Delta 8 Tinctures |||

Delta 8 + CBD ( 1000 total mg ): $10.00. Min 12
Delta 8 + CBD ( 2000 total mg ): $16.00 Min 12
Delta 8 + CBD + CBN ( 3000 total mg ): $22.00 Min 12

Contact Chase: 917.640.2330
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: Chase

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