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We have received a large shipment of Greenhouse and Indoor flower, pricing begins at $400. lb 🙂 View

Flower 2344 06/14/2020

$ 400.00
Hello Hemp Marketers! We have been working around the clock, flying over the country to build working relationships with new growers who want to focus on growing and perfecting their craft. We have a selection of products that we currently have on hand as well as items that we can source from a farm to market option for you.

Current Offerings

Acid Rock x Acid Berry Hybrid: Machine trimmed, nice bright new flower, super nice nose. :$350. pp - hand trimmed $400

Abucus Greenhouse Grow: Soft, loud and nicely trimmed. Bud sizes are B and C sizes however, still a great deal: $400 hand trimmed

Skywalker OG: Loud, nice nugs, A + B size buds, nice trim $450. lb

Bubba Kush Indoor: Really loud nice, great green color and bud structure, hand trimmed. $500. per lb

Sour Diesel ( outdoor ): This has been a huge seller all year, super nice nose and bud structure, machine trimmed but hand trim is available for additional cost. $

Ruby Kush Greenhouse : Hand trimmed, marked down form 650, per pound. Awesome nose and bud structure - now $400. per pound

Light Dep Limeaid: Brand New for KRUSH! Tart Citrus x Sour D nose. Soft and Spongy structure, machine trim: $450. per lb

Shipped With COA

Note: The prices are rock bottom as is, please no negotiations. We are limiting sending pics and COA's for clients who actually order and not simply window shopping, unfortunately this has become a necessary part of our screening protocol.

Shipping is available from our Vegas location or Oregon location.
** Note: Most of the selections above will not make it to our Denver location to save time on logistics.
Bulk pricing is available and preferred.

Contact Chase: 917.640.2330 Cell

KRUSH LLC | Las Vegas | Oregon | Denver | PA
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: Chase

Las Vegas, NV, US

Straight Fire! | High Quality Greenhouse + Indoor. KRUSH 303-214-5340

KRUSH LLC - High Quality Products, better customer service and dedication to quality. No one works harder to keep the supply line moving than KRUSH.

Licensed by the Dept of Agriculture CO ( Hemp Buyer + Sellers )
Licensed by CO ( Resellers License )
EIN upon request
Offices in Las Vegas and Denver ( Processing center + Lab in Colorado Springs )
5 Star Customer service
Custom solutions for small and growing businesses
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