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Flower 10/30/2020

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$ 1,200.00
When it comes to your THCA needs, look no further! We have been serving the US cannabinoid market for years! our inventory is fairly large and ever evolving! from dep, light assist to indoor! Get it while you can! Indoor ranging from 1200-1600$ Light assist 900-1200 Beaitiful light deprivation 750-1000$ THCA VAPES 1 gram carts @ 9$ 1 gram disposables @ 12$ 2 gram dispsaobles @ 15$ Diamonds @ 1600-2200
Kms Ag and airlie cbd
1 lb
Debit/credit,Venmo, wire, money orders, cash

: Kyle Stratten

HIGH QUALITY THCA FLOWER, VAPES and DIAMONDS! Superb pricing! Text or call 541-602-6267

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