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Raw Oils 02/10/2021

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Call 541-602-6267! HHC, THCP, HHCP, THCO, D8 pre rolls and Vapes cheapest around!
Airlie cbd and Discountpharms
squareup debit credit, money orders! Wires!

: Kyle Stratten

We have the most amazing prices on Vapes, crumbles and Distillates! We can Custom blend anything you wish!

D8 Distillate 230-550$
HHC Liters 600-900$
THCO Liters @ 86% 600-900 per liter depending on quantity!
D10 Distillate @ 1300$
Quad Distillate @ 1200$
Custom blends!
HHC Crumble 700-800$
THCO crumble 600-800$
D8 crumble 500-650$

D8 Carts down to 2.50
HHC carts down to 3.50
THCO:D8 cartridges down to 3
THCO Disposables down to 5$
D10 carts down to 4$
quad distillate carts down to 3.75

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