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Distillate 04/26/2021

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We have been one of the top infused flowers suppliers around since the beginning! We have over 40 terpene options! Infused flower: HHC down to 200$/lb D8 down to 125$/lb THCO down 200$/lb THCP down to 450$/lb Quad distillate (all oils combined) down to 350$lb D10 down to 350$/lb HHCP down to 450$/lb Any custom blend!
Airlie cbd/Kms Ag consulting
Credit/debit, Venmo, money orders, wires, Bitcoin etc

: Kyle Stratten

flower ranging from 11-50% d8 coated nicely with kief! We have dozens of Terpene options available as well!

Prices range from 200$ up to 400$ for high end exotic d8 flower.

Base strains:

Hawaiian haze
Bubba kush
Spec Diesel
Suver haze
Space candy
White cbg
Sour Jack
Spec 7
Fruit Loops
Chery Abacus

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