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Flower 1154 10/30/2020

$ 175.00
Call Kyle @ 541-602-6267! We have high quality CBD/CBG flower. As well, we are 1 of very few in the world who can ship hemp flower through a UPS program, this means your overnight pricing is better then everyone else with almost no issues shipping!

Price are
1-19= 225$
500+ =150$

Top quality outdoor flower

Sour space candy
Abacus 2.0
Cherry abacus
Cherry diesel
Suver haze
Spec 7
Sour suver haze
The white cbg
Cherry abacus x abacus 2.0

Lower quality flower:

Electra @ 50$
Smalls @ 50$
Wu5@ 125

Light dep:

Bubba @ 350$ a lb
Diesel abacus @ 800
Spec 7 diesel @ 800
Kms Ag and airlie cbd
1 lb
Venmo, pay pal, wire, money orders, cash

: Kyle Stratten

Albany, Oregon, United States

We have high quality seedless cbd flower with Superb pricing! Text or call 541-602-6267
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