Kyle Stratten


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Distillate 1531 10/30/2020

Call Kyle @ 541-602-6267 The cleanest purest d8 around!!! Coas available from several labs we use! Great for vapes, or infusing into products. Prices negotiable!

******* ALSO D8 infused flower available. Done insanely proper! Your clients won’t know what hit them!! LOL! Several strains available with crazy cannabis terps!! 500$ A lb call for custom quotes!!!

- 1 gram cartridges

White fire og
Train wreck
Gorilla glue 4
Pineapple og

- Gummie packs
Kms Ag Consulting /airlie cbd
1 liter
Cash, money orders, pay pal, Venmo, credit/debit and wires

: Kyle Stratten

Albany, Oregon, United States

Unlimited supply. Superb shipping options! Text or call 541-602-6267
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