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    - "What trends are you seeing in the hemp space?"View
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    - "@peagreenfarms I’m a supplier looking for new flowers to infuse for the shops I supply. I sell top shelf, highs, mediums and lows. So we are able to have something in everyone’s price range. We are currently […]"View
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    - "D8 gummy processing @ $.14, FAST lead times, contact me for MOQ"View
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    - "Buy from our wide variety of finished Delta-8, THCP, HHC, THCO and THCV products in the marketplace. Create your ideal gummies, vapes, smokeables, edibles and other supplement products on-demand:"View
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    - "@clgraves78 Hey Chris, I am interested in your low THC flowers, please get in touch"View
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    - "I am so proud of what we created over the past three years and excited to see how the continues togrow into the future. If you would like to contact me for non-marketplace issues feel free to email […]"View
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    - "Correct website URL:"View
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    - "10-100 Kilos @ $5,300/Kilo, 100-1,000 Kilos @ $5,200, 1000-5,000 Kilos @ $4,800/Kilo, 5,000 Kilos @ $4,600/Kilo, 5,000 + Kilos available. Domestic 99%+ CBD Pharma Grade Isolate. Shipping Daily/Weekly/Monthly. […]"View
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