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$ 1.00
We can deliver seeds anywhere in the US
Approximately 10 million seeds available
Liquid Mellow LLC
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100 seeds
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: Liquid Mellow

Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Seeds

Bubba Kush is an elite CBD hemp cultivar with a robust open structure giving this plant outstanding light penetration.
It produces large, dense, resinous flower and likes temperate, dry, desert and Mediterranean climates.

High yield, high CBD content, disease resistant, vigorous & hearty.
Produces between 9-12% CBD week 8 and 12 -16% week 9.
BK can also yield around 4,000 lbs of biomass per acre.

We also have over 160 other exotic strains available for cultivation including Hong Kong, Eclipse, and Valley Kush. Different cultivars for every climate region in the US. Visit us at

Bevan Verma
916-893-4262 | info@liquidmellow |

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