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Viable Seed 1024 12/29/2019

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: Liquid Mellow

Lodi, CA

At Liquid Mellow, we are working hard to produce high yielding CBD cultivars with strong germination and feminization rates. These 9th generation cbd hemp seeds are stable and have high plant yields to help farmers maximize their profits per acre.

Our feminized "Eclipse" seeds were originally bred for CA where the Total THC has always been 0.3%. Here's an overview:

100% Feminization Rate
13-19% CBD Non-Detectable THC
Heavy yielding
Fast Growing
Mold/mildew resistant
Ideal for Machine Trim
Low leaf-to-flower ratio
Cherry-like Terpenes

We received lab reports for "Eclipse" earlier this month with a 100% feminization rate. 100 seeds sent for testing, 100 female plants produced.Non-GMO, truly organic methods used only. No heavy metals or solvents used. "Eclipse" federal regulations in 2020 with this high cbd, USDA compliant cultivar. Learn more about our farm proven genetics at

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