Lonesome Camel Farm


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Flower 10/16/2019

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$ 250.00
Farm Direct fresh organically grown smokable hemp in Southwest Oregon. High quality, hand harvested and barn dried. Cured and ready to go today.
Strains available: Hawaiian Haze
13.8% CBD, Delta 9 <LoQ
200 lbs. of smokable flower

1200mg Full Spectrum Tinctures available for wholesale
Contact for pricing

Prices do not include shipping, we ship within the continental USA.
We ship within 24 hours of receiving payment, USPS tracking included.
Local Delivery Available
*Prices subject to change**

CALL or TEXT 817-996-4930
Lonesome Camel Farm
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: Lonesome Camel Farm

Instagram: lonesomecamelcbd

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