Lonesome Camel Farm


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Flower 1895 10/16/2019

$ 400.00
Farm Direct fresh organically grown smokable hemp in Southwest Oregon. High quality, hand harvested and barn dried. Cured and ready to go today.
Strains available: Hawaiian Haze
13.8% CBD, Delta 9 <LoQ
200 lbs. of smokable flower

Delta 8 Lifter Flower Available
Contact for pricing

1200mg Full Spectrum Tinctures available for wholesale
Contact for pricing

Delta 8 tinctures available
Contact for pricing.

Prices do not include shipping, we ship within the continental USA.
We ship within 24 hours of receiving payment, USPS tracking included.
Local Delivery Available
*Prices subject to change**

CALL or TEXT 817-996-4930
Lonesome Camel Farm
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Not Applicable

: Lonesome Camel Farm

Fort Worth, Texas

Instagram: lonesomecamelcbd
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