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Flower 700 12/09/2019

$ 200.00
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J.M. Hemp
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: Jim Mckoen

Malin, OR

We have roughly 40lbs of our finest Hawaiian haze, and lifter Hemp flower left in stock and ready to go..also have roughly 20 pounds of our finest Keif.. Our pesticides, and heavy metals labs passed, and COA's are available upon request.

Lifter= Delta 9 THC-0.05% ,Total CBD-12.576%, Total CBG-0.83%, Total Cannabinoids- 15.845%

Hawaiian Haze= Delta 9 THC-0.028%, Total CBD-13.851%, Total CBG-1.14%, Total Cannabinoids 17.549

for questions call or text 5418916451 or 5415914959
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