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Raw Oils 12/15/2021

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HHC 95%+ Distillate - 1kg @ $4,000/kg

60% HHC / 30% CBN Distillate - 1kg @ $2,750/kg

FREE UPS Overnight Shipping on all purchases - our order cutoff for same-day overnight shipping is 2pm Mountain Time.

20L of each distillate produced each day!

Contact one of our representatives for bulk pricing and real-time availability.
MC Nutraceuticals, PLLC
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: Bret Worley

We offer fully comprehensive services to every client. All orders start with a conversation to understand your specific needs and end when you are satisfied with the product you have received. Along the entire order process, from shipping updates to delivery check-ins, our team will ensure that your needs are met in a timely, efficient, and pleasant manner.

MC Nutraceuticals proudly offers volume discounts and cross-product purchase discounts. To learn more about how we can help you deliver better products to more customers, please give us a call or email. Please check out our company website as we continue to grow our presence online!

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