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Whole Plant 179 01/11/2020

$ 10.00
We currently have up to 5000 cuts we can do by this coming Wednesday and can have them ready to ship 10 days from actual order date.

Pricing: $10/Clone + Shipping
MedicBuds, LLC
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: MedicBuds, LLC

Flagstaff, AZ

Act FAST! This is a LIMITED STOCK of the "MB1 CBG" top secret CLONES.

Need a jump start with CBG? Or have an urgency for CBG? WE can HELP!
Note: All cuts will be sent in trays & domes with lights, please contact us directly by either email or phone.

Link: / 1-888-934-HEMP(4367)

Mon - Sat 9am-5pm(MST)
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