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Flower 07/10/2021

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$ 150.00
Premium high CBD Hemp Flower. Seedless dense colorful buds are sorted for smalls with multiple trim options available.

#500 pounds each cultivar available:
Bubba Kush
Cherry Wine x E1 Kush
Suver Haze
Machine trimmed 2x:
1-9 pounds | $175
10-19 pounds | $150
Over #20 | $125
Hand trimmed:
#1-99 | $275
#100 | Quote
D8 Infused hand-trimmed flower
#1-99 | $400
#100 | Quote
Call/Text/Email us with any questions or place an order.
All shipped orders are sent insured USPS Priority Mail or FOB Southern Oregon.
Feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions, for additional information, and order placement.
CBD Hemp Sample ounces | $25

Orders are processed in 1-3 business days and packaged in 1 pound bags. All orders are double bagged for odor mitigation and include all required legal documents.
MediSprings Hemp
1 pound
cash, check, money order, credit card & cash app

: Ian Barton

We are a small family-run farm located in the Deer Creek watershed in Southern Oregon focusing on a seed-to-sale farm growing high CBD hemp using traditional cannabis methods.
Our farm is blessed with clean soil, pure water, and we use only organic nutrients to amend the soil's microbiome. Healthy soil equals healthy plants!
Sungrown hemp uses less energy, has a higher yield, and has some of the best cannabinoids and developed terpenes.
Once the hemp flowers have reached maturity, we hand harvest, hang dry on the stem in our greenhouse to dry over several weeks ensuring a proper cure. The hemp flowers are then bucked from the stem and processed by hand. All cured flower is held in a controlled environment and bags are burped to sustain the cure.

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