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Compliance 12/22/2021

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: Daniel W. Meehan

Is your company or organization in need of regulatory compliance assistance? Would you like to boost your customer's confidence with end-to-end traceability? A cGMP [current good manufacturing practices] certification can help your company stand-out in the white noise of competition. It is not a matter of IF but WHEN the FDA & USDA requires compliance in the hemp and cannabis industry, put your company ahead of the curve. There will be a race of companies trying to become compliant and we can help you be prepared!

With 5-years of experience in the hemp and cannabis industry serving dozens of clients around the USA, we have built on-farm extraction systems, guided clients to cGMP and USDA Organic certifications, custom built extraction equipment, build and maintain white-label finished product formulations etc. We can help guide you and your team to a place of complete compliance in an industry that has been hard to define. Please give us a call with any questions!

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