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Flower 326 10/09/2019

$ 250.00
We have 500 pounds plus of Hawaiian Haze trimmed flower grown from Oregon CBD seed. $250 per pound, 100 pound order minimum. The product was hang dried and cured in a climate controlled facility to maintain excellent terpene profile. Cannabinoid testing shows 17-19% CBD and undetectable delta 9 THC. ODA and Farm Bill compliant.

$300 per pound for 10 to 99 pound orders.

$350 per pound for 1 to 9 pound orders.

3.5 gram samples are $20 each.

We also have trim/shake for $100/lb, hand stripped biomass for $40/lb OBO, and untrimmed flower for a $50 discount off the above trimmed flower prices.

Flexible payment options.

Shipping is via USPS. Orders can be insured up to $5,000. Shipping and insurance is added to the purchase price.
Melrose Hemp Co.

: Dustin Mellor & Kenny Yukich

Roseburg, Oregon

Our family farm produced 9 acres of hemp this year with a focus on quality not quantity. We use only organic products on our plants. No pesticides! Our farm was previously a cattle ranch and is not located near major agricultural areas so pest and disease is minimal to begin with.

We can also provide other products such as untrimmed flower, trim/shake, biomass and b-buds. Please inquire!
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