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Distillate 1521 02/03/2020

$1,350/kg - 1kg
$1,000/kg - 5kg or more
1 kg
ACH or Wire

: Michael

Erlanger, Kentucky

Intragenix’ Non-Hazardous Extraction CBD Oil is 0% THC, Pesticide Free, Heavy Metal Free, Solvent Free. NHE Oil also includes a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes including CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, alpha Bisabolol, beta Caryophyllenealpha-Humulene, and trans Nerolidol. The oil is crystal resistant making it extremely simple to formulate into a finished product.

Intragenix’ Non-Hazardous Extraction Oil, represents a major departure from the typical techniques used in the extraction and THC remediation process. Unlike nearly every other form of CBD oil, NHE Oil uses no harmful solvents at any point throughout the extraction and THC remediation process. The process does not require winterization, filtration or distillation. Due to this method, NHE Broad Spectrum Oil is arguably the most natural final product available on the market today. For more information about the process please visit http://www.intragenix.com.
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