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Distillate 2678 02/04/2020

30 kg of very high quality distillate - $550/kg for one kg. Open to discuss any reasonable offer for total inventory. Please call Mike @ 847-274-0236 for more product details and price discussion.
SwampBuck Farms LLC
1 kg
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: Mike Battuello

Montello, WI, US

30 kg of very high quality Full Spectrum CBD distillate
- 82.1% CBD (all 30 kg homogenized)
- >86% total cannabinoids
- Full panel COA available
- Customer feedback ... 1) "it looks and smells amazing!" 2) "loving the smell and taste" 3) " looking forward to a long term relationship"
Note ... also have 1000 lbs of >9% CBG Biomass. Call to discuss.
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