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January 1, 2017

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A million + 1 reason to trust Grove Bags!⁠

✔️37% More terpenes saved⁠
✔️7% More cannabinoids saved⁠
✔️ Opaque with a viewing window⁠
✔️Customizable design⁠
✔️Different textures and colors⁠
✔️Child-resistant features⁠
✔️8-12 months of viable shelf life⁠
✔️You can choose Kraft paper finish for a natural feel⁠
✔️Maintains weight⁠
✔️Tax-deductible packaging⁠
✔️Proprietary Terploc technology⁠
✔️Sustainable packaging⁠
✔️Mold-free features⁠

At Grove Bags we settle for nothing other than the best for our clients.⁠

Also —
It happened last season and it’s happening again – the writing is on the wall. Hemp farmers will be staring at mountains of product rotting away in storage as processing capacity and market demand normalize to the point where it can keep up with the product supply.
When this happens to you, what do you do? Don’t despair, don’t retreat, don’t quit. Preserve your hemp & biomass with USA Made Grove Bags until the market supply has dwindled and prices are back up again. There’s only one sure way to ensure that the freshness and potency of your hemp remain intact throughout this period: Grove Bags Super Sac.
Grove Bags Super Sac is made from our proprietary TerpLoc™ film blend creating the optimal microclimate for storing hemp & biomass by regulating the relative humidity and oxygen levels in the packaging, protecting your product from exterior elements that would degrade its quality. TerpLoc™ is designed to provide peace of mind and a long term storage solution so you can sit on product for as long as you need to before distribution!
Request a Super Sac sample today or use our new Build Your Own Variety Box tool to order any needed packaging for your operation!
The Grove Bags Team is here to be a key asset for your operation and would love to win over the business for any opportunities that arise on your end; let me know if you would ever like to hop on the phone to talk about any projects that I can be of assistance during this time of unique challenges!
Michael ReyesRegional Managerhttp://www.grovebags.comCell: 513-315-5877IG: @mikegrovebags
Michael Reyes
West Coast Regional Manager
Cell: 513-315-5877
IG: @Grovebags

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