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20 bottle minimum - 30ml/1 fl oz size
1274 mg total Cannabinoids / Bottle
Minor Cannabinoids & CBD formulation covers all ailments.
Great Value
Proprietary profile - No other extract like this is available on the market anywhere
US Grown, Processed & Formulated Hemp
C-GMP certified lab
Independently tested
Low minimum
Great Margins ----> $27/bottle - MSRP = $79.99
Fast Shipping

COA available upon request.

* Proprietary formulation that took over a year to formulate
* Made from 2 unique hemp strains that naturally contain high amounts of minor cannabinoids.
* 8 Different compounds not found in any other full-spectrum product on the market:
CBDv (9.1%), CBN (4.6%), CBC (4.3%), CBG (3.5%), THCv (2.3%), CBT (1%), CBL (0.1%), CBD (74.8%) and <0.3% D9 THC.
* 1274 mg of full-strength extract per bottle.
* Natural hemp terpene profile lightly blended with botanical terpenes for superior bioavailability and palatability:
BCP (0.79%), Limonene (0.62%), Bisabolol (0.07%), Humulene (0.027%), Guaiol (0.025%), Caryophyllene Oxide (0.017%), Myrcene (0.011%) and Pinene (0.005%) - Total Terpenes = 1.58%
* Certified Organic MCT carrier oil with zero coconut after-taste.
* Top of the line, EU-Made Infinity Jar bottle: UV-Resistant for long shelf life.
* Child Resistant, Tamper Proof graduated dropper in increments of 0.25, 0.5 & 0.7 ml
$ 27.00
Credit Card, Bank Wire, Direct Deposit, Paypal and Venmo


LOOK BEYOND JUST CBD! Unique Minor Cannabinoid extract available with 8 different compounds from two unique US-grown hemp strains. Offer your customers a full spectrum product with sizable amounts of CBDv (antiepileptic), CBN (superior relaxation and sleep), CBC (antibacterial and great for skin and gut ailments), CBG (anti-inflammatory), THCv (positive effect on blood glucose and appetite control), CBT (helps all cannabinoids work better as an entourage effect) and minor quantities of CBL which occurs as a byproduct of CBC. All our formulations are always full spectrum and are NEVER made from isolates or synthetic cannabinoids. Offer your customers the all-encompassing and most unique tincture on the market. Co-branding opportunities are available for this proprietary blend. We are also able to have custom water-soluble capsules or pills made using this blend on order.

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