Mark Harrison


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$175 per pound plus shipping for most popular strains of Smokable CBD Flower. All Products come with a Certificate of Analysis. We ship nationwide where permitted. Provide us with the requested Strain and 2 Alternatives, CBD % and Quantity. Minimum order is 20 pounds.

Physician Merchant Services, your small order specialist, is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) which negotiates bulk CBD Product discount pricing on behalf of its portfolio of clients. Products include isolate ($2000/L), biomass, crude ($550/kg), THC Free distillate ($3300/L), and Nano emulsified Water-Soluble CBD (2000/L), CBG Biomass (175/lb). Call Dr Mark Harrison at 956-212-4388. All Prices are subject to change without notice due to market conditions and availability
Physician Merchant Services

: Mark Harrison

Denver, CO

21 Mother Total Compliant(THCA+Delta9
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