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Distillate 8196 03/14/2019

Physician Merchant Services

: Mark Harrison

McAllen, Texas

$3500 per Liter T-FREE Distillate Minimum Purchase 5 Liters
$2000/L Wholesale Nano Emulsified Water-Soluble CBD h is 90% Bioavailable vs 10% Bioavailability from CBD Isolate. Price is $2,500/L . GMP Certified Domestic Isolate $2800 for 15 kg and Up.

Physician Merchant Services is a Group Purchase Organization (GPO) which negotiates bulk CBD Product volume discount pricing including biomass, raw crude, winterized decarbed crude, distillates and Isolate for over 30 clients.
**All Prices are subject to change without notice due to market conditions and availability**

For more details and price quotes on all products, please contact Mark Harrison at 956-212-4388.
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