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CBD International

: Mark Harrison

McAllen, Texas

CBD International introduces Mobile Trim, a new National, Industrial Hemp Mobile, Flower Trimming Service. With Mobile Trim there is no need to transport your untrimmed flower. It is trimmed right On-Site.
Mobile Trim capacity is up to 20,000 lbs of dry flower per day. Mobile Trim
is scalable rapidly as demand increases.
Mobile Trim only requires about 400 sq. ft per unit.
Dried Timming will be utilized. The flower should be bucked and ready with a
moisture content between 5% and 10%.
Mobile Trim provides an On-Site Turn-Key solution for your trimming needs.
Mobile Trim: Effective, Gentle, Quiet, Fast, and Safe.
Mobile Trim has a 5,000-pound minimum quantity for
On-Site Service.
A 10% Down Payment is required when the Mobile Trim Contract is signed in order to schedule your order.
A referral program is offered up to $2/lb for any one referring a new client that retains our services.
Call Mark Harrison at 956-212-4388
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