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Flower 12/15/2020

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$ 29.99
Clearance Prices Listed on Our Website: www.napua.store

2020 Flower On Clearance: White CBG, Sour G, Stem Cell

Various Grades Available: Smalls, Slow-Cured or Heat-Dried, Hand Trimmed or Machined available at very competitive rates. Product pricing is largely determined by the process which it was harvested. See our website, or email us for the full details.

Email: info@napua.store
WAGO Enterprises, LLC
Not Applicable
1/2 oz
Credit Card, Cash, Bank Transfer, Check, Cash App

: Nā Pua Sales

Hand Picked Dense Flower, Machine Trimmed, Fast Shipping, Vacuum Packed in Foil Pouches.

Free Shipping for $50 Order.

See our website for the latests deals.

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