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Flower 02/04/2021

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$ 199.00
Pricing Based On Premium vs Economy Grades
All domestic orders greater than $50 Ship Free Priority Mail

Premium Cured CBG Flowers, Hand Trimmed for $199/lb
Economy/Special Grade CBG Flower, Machine Trimmed for $69/lb

Combine Discounts of Hand Trimmed Pounds Shipped to your door for $161.99/lb
Combine Discounts of Economy CBG Flowers Shipped to your door for $56.69/lb

Discounts Described:
Pay w/Bank Transfer or Check: 4% Off
Buy 5-9lb for 5% Off
Buy 10-19lb or more for 10% Off
Buy 20lb or more or more for 15% Off
WAGO Enterprises, LLC DBA: Na Pua Botanicals
1/8th Ounce
Cash, Check, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Cash App

: Nā Pua Sales

Traditionally Cured, Hang Dried, Hand Trimmed, Clean & Green, Free of Pesticides.

Our Premium Cured Flowers are produced on the sunny slopes of Ashland, Oregon. Where the climate is ideal for sun-grown Hemp/Cannabis. Our fields are amended organically, and we promote beneficial insects to manage pests, without ever spraying pesticides.

Our harvest occurs in the warmth of September, when dry conditions allow for a traditional harvest, where premium tops are selected for hanging, then later cured in boxes and hand trimmed through winter.

We also offer lower grades of bud that are dried using an accelerated process. We describe this as Economy/Special Harvest. The buds are bucked by hand in the field and dried with low heat and high air flow. We are calibrated to maintain good moisture in the buds, which is unique to our farm, customized equipment, and process. Before sale we machine trim the buds and sort them for presentation value.

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