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Flower 02/18/2021

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$ 50.00
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Shipping Billed to Order

Email: wholesale@napua.store

Cured Flowers are first picks of top flowers, hang dried and slow cured, then bucked/de-stemmed by hand.

Seedless Triploid CBDV Varieties:
Forbidden V

Seedless CBG Varieties:
White CBG

CBD Varieties for Specific Licensees Only.
Email us for details. (Total THC Issue w/Oregon Rules)

Machine Trimmed & Sorted by Size:

Cured MEDIUM/LARGE (larger than 3/4")
1-9 = $60/lb
10-99 = $55/lb
100+ = $50/lb

Cured SMALLS (smaller than 3/4", but larger than 1/2")
1+lb = $50/lb

Cured TINYS (smaller then 1/2", but larger than 1/4" -- nice bud, not-shake)
1+lb = $50/lb

Premium, Hand Trimmed Service of MEDIUM/LARGE Buds
ADD $60/LB

'2nd Picks' as low as $30/lb

Card and Cash App Transaction incur a 4% up-charge.

Email: wholesale@napua.store
WAGO Enterprises, LLC
Half Ounce
Cash, Check, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Cash App

: Nā Pua Sales

Farm-Direct Pricing. Quantity discounts available. Shipping Billed to Order.

This size of smalls trims up very well in the machine, so it offers great bag appeal for a low price!

See our pricing in the gray text above.^

Our hemp flowers are produced on the sunny slopes of Southern Oregon, where the climate is ideal for sun-grown Hemp/Cannabis. Our fields are amended and maintained organically.

We are approved to ship hemp through UPS/USPS as part of their Approved Hemp Program. We GUARANTEE EVERY SHIPMENT replaced or your money back. If you need expedited shipping we will create a custom quote for you.

WATCH OUR VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbfxRRH7F8mo6xun8dp-5WQ

SEE OUR COA's: https://client.sclabs.com/client/9476/

Email: wholesale@napua.store

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