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Flower 132 09/11/2020

$ 6.00
Sample Units available at 25# in a 20" cubic box, shipped USPS Priority Mail, $300 Flat Rate, includes insured Priority Shipping.

MOQ at $6 per pound is one pallet, 200#, but 2 bags on one pallet at 400# is recommended.
WAGO Enterprises, LLC
Wire, Credit Card, Check

: Nā Pua Sales

Ashland, Oregon

Fresh Harvest CBG Varieties: Stem Cell CBG and White CBG, with potency anticipated at 9-12% total cannabinoid per batch/sack and Total THC Compliance less than 0.1%.
COA's available in 2 weeks.

Hand harvested material eliminates stem and ensures quality consistency whereas machine harvesters are more likely to collect other weeds and contaminate the product. We grow small harvest lots to high potency as depicted in our pictures. 18 acres in production.

We guarantee a clean product, free of pesticides and other contaminants. Dried for consistency at 7-9% moisture on site, then stored in large sacks on pallets.
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