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Flower 01/18/2021

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$ 150.00
Naturally Elevated Farm
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: Thomas Anderson

We have 500 lbs of premium Bubba Kush CBD and 500 lbs of The White CBG hemp flower still available with prices as low as $150/lb.

As a small farm, each process is handled onsite from seed germination to packaging & shipping which ensures we are able to provide our customers with high quality products & reliable service at an affordable price. You'll only receive the highest quality CBD & CBG products from Naturally Elevated Farm. Our flower stands out among the rest due to our regenerative growing methods of using compost teas and other organic, natural ingredients to feed the microbes in the soil which in turn feed our plants. Because of our style of growing and the great amount of research that goes into the genetics we choose to grow on our farm you can always expect strong terpene profiles and beautiful trichome covered buds with every order.

Text or call 484-880-0200 or email at

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