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Flower 11/08/2021

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$ 150.00
All product is packaged in mylar bags with humidity packs to maintain freshness.
Naturally Elevated Inc.
Naturally Elevated
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: Thomas

Are you having a hard time finding premium hemp flower from a reliable and trustworthy source?
With our small farm you always deal directly with the owners who put their heart and soul into growing the best hemp flower Oregon can offer.
Our 2021 premium CBG flower, The White, stands out amongst the rest due to our extensive growing knowledge, love for the plant and our regenerative/organic growing practices. This flower has a sweet citrus and pine aroma. The smoking experience is smooth and flavorful.
We guarantee our customers the highest quality hemp flower on the market with fast & reliable shipping. We pride ourselves on great customer service, please feel free to reach out to with any questions.

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