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Flower 314 06/29/2020

$ 30.00
PRICING DETAILS: 10 - 5,000 Lbs. $45/Lb.
5,001+ Lbs. $30/Lb.

VARIETY: "White CBG" from Oregon CBD Seeds
CBG %: 13% AVG. (Three blended harvest lots from 12% to 15%)
D9-THC: 0.02%
HARVEST DATE: October 2019
SAMPLES: We will ship a 2 Lb. sample for $100

Above prices do not include S&H or 2.9% credit card transaction fee (FOB Middlebury, Vermont)
Vermont Refrigerated Storage
10 LBS.
credit card (2.9% transaction fee applied) or wire transfer

: Netaka W.

Shoreham, VT

These three blended lots of hand-picked "White" CBG biomass (flowers and stems) are Certified organic and field-grown in Vermont.

After picking, the crop was dried in mesh sacks using forced air at low temps and then transferred to super sacks and placed in cold storage. Excellent quality. Clean and fragrant. Each bag still contains many whole flowers and 'nugs' for the smokeable market if you want to put the time into sorting.

** ALL PRODUCT HAS BEEN STORED SINCE HARVEST IN A COMMERCIAL COLD STORAGE FACILITY at 36 degrees F. and 50% RH in super sacks averaging 250 Lbs. ea.
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