Golden Eagle Farms


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10,000 - 25,000 = $0.70/Ea

35,000 - 200,000 = $0.55/Ea

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Golden Eagle Farms
Golden Eagle Farms
Credit Card, Wire, Check, Escrow

: Golden Eagle Farms

(BleuGenius x Wife)
7-8 wks finish
~30:1 D:T Ratio
Expected yield is 2500lbs/AC @2700/AC
99+% Feminized (DNA tested, Phylos)
95+% Germination Rate (tested, CDFA)
Fast growing plant with thick stems and wide internodal spacing make for Ideal support and airflow for the large gorgeous, dark green buds consisting of dark purple hues with a lovely coat of crystal resin. Large Marge has a muddy and dank citrus scent that transitions to a floral berry aroma. "The only thing I'm high on is Love" -MS

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