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Viable Seed 1038 10/07/2019

$ 250.00

Suver Haze
(Suver #8 x ERB)
CBDa 15.8% CBGa 0.77% Total Terpenes: 3.4%
Legendary strain known for high CBD content and superb nose due to farnesene and beta-caryophyllene giving it an exotic sour apple flavor.

Cherry WIne
Wife x Charlottes cherries x Cherry
CBDa: 17.6% CBGa: 0.34%
The Cherry Wine strain is ideal for high quality extraction. This strain comes in at 18:1 CBD/THC ratio and is known for its very robust terpene profile. It is very rich in B-Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene and a A-Pinene but surprisingly 11% of its terpene content is Farnesene giving a green apple aroma.

OTTO II (Sativa) X Cherry x Cherry (Indica)
CBDa 14.7% CBC 1.2% Total Terpenes: 2.36%
With an enveloping aroma of pine, citrus, and pear followed by lingering hints of diesel and a smooth clean umami taste when smoked, your mind will be clear while the intense body relaxation and pain dissipation will instantly relieve your angst and restore peace. Great for inflammatory conditions
Golden Eagle 1, LLC

: Brian Peternell

Santa Cruz, CA

Minimum order 250

Currently Available:
(Otto II X Cherry) Clones X Stable Cherry pollen (BX3)
Stable consistent plants.
Powdery Mildew and Botrytis Resistant
14-16% CBD
26:1 CBD:THC
Quick (7 wks) high yielding stout plant that does not require pruning.

Myrcene and B-Caryophyllene are dominant terpenes with Limonene and Guaiol in significant amounts

The world needs Cannabis, let's bring it!
Soar Higher!
@goldeneagle farms
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