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Oliver's Harvest Delta-9 Gummies

25mg (2 per pack) 50mg total $4.73
25mg (5 per pack) 125mg total $12.45
25mg (10 per pack) 250mg total $20.40
*Assorted Flavors*


Oliver's Harvest Allevi-8 Delta-8 Tincture

300mg D8 2000mg CBD total - (30ml bottles) $39.20
*Orange Spice Flavor*

Oliver's Harvest Delta-8 Gummies

25mg (16 per pack) 400mg total $17.06
25mg (24 per pack) 600mg total $22.75
*Lime flavor*

Oliver's Harvest Delta-8 Hard Candy

60mg (10 per pack) 600mg total $16.88
*Assorted Flavors*

Bomb Tea Delta-8 Powder Drink Mix

50mg total (30.69g) $12.60
*Lemon Peach Flavor*


Oliver's Harvest CBD Gummies

20mg (30 per pack) 600mg total $19.19
50mg (30 per pack) 1500mg total $23.46
*sweet mixed berry OR sour mixed berry*

Oliver's Harvest Rest Gummies

20mg CBD 8mg CBN 2mg Melatonin (30 per pack) 300mg total $23.46
*Blue Raspberry*

Bomb Tea CBD Powder Drink Mix

50mg total (30.69g) $11.02
*Lemon Peach Flavor*


Oliver's Harvest Menthol Muscle Roll-On

800mg total (3oz) $14.96

Oliver's Harvest Intensive Skin Cream

300mg total (2oz) $16.50

Oliver's Harvest CBD & Lidocaine Cream

200mg total (2oz) $16.13
1000mg total (3.38oz) $23.11

Oliver's Harvest CBD & Capsaicin

300mg total (2oz) $9.54
600mg total (4oz) $19.19
Oliver's Harvest
$ 10.00
1 unit
ACH (bank wire), check, credit card (with 3% transaction fee)

: Nick Samole

- All products made in GMP facilities for consistency, safety, and your benefit
- All products are 3rd party lab tested
- All products are Pharmacist Formulated

We ship our products to every corner of the United States, and we only use products grown, harvested, and crafted in the US.
Oliver's Harvest is headquartered in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Asheville, NC.

For qualifying orders, we are proud to offer free shipping on any of our products delivered anywhere in the USA.

You shouldn't be concerned about wasting your money on a product that may or may not work. We believe you should be able to experiment and try different products to find the one that's right for your needs. With Oliver's Harvest, be confident that the product will benefit you, or receive a refund. Guaranteed.

Nick Samole
_Business Development Manager_
Oliver's Harvest + Spectrum Labs
Cell: 704.466.2259 call/text

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