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Flower 2339 09/13/2020

$ 150.00
We cultivate all of our own boutique hemp flower in controlled greenhouse environments, in order to produce the most potent flavorful, and beautiful CBD Hemp flowers possible. We also cultivate our hemp flower from reputable, organic farms in Oregon and Northern California. Text/Call Direct (954-290-9761)
(Check out our website for product distribution Inquiries. www.nocaphempco.com)
No Cap Hemp Distribution
1 ounce, 1 unit sample any product
Wire, zelle, Venmo, apple pay

: Jay Barrios

Fort Lauderdale, Fl; Miami, FL; Palm Beach, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Orlando, Florida, USA

Hemp CBD Flower Indoor & Greenhouse Exotic Cali Kush Stains - New Harvest! SELLING FAST! Text (954)-290-9761

Boutique Hand Trimmed Strains:
Pound Cost $150 - $750
1) Indoor Diamond Kush 22%
2) Indoor Ruby Kush 22%
3) Indoor Sour G 18%
4) Indoor Sour Lifter 19%
5) Greenhouse White Diamond CBG 22%
6) Greenhouse Cali kush 17%
7) Greenhouse Pineapple Express 19%
8) Greenhouse Legendary OG 19%
9) Hawaiian haze 17%

*This is single pound pricing
*10Lb+ Orders get quantity discounts

Other Items We Manufacture for distribution and whitelabel:
•MOON ROCKS!!! The best around!
•Delta 8 Carts Clean COA Cannabis derived terps! 5 flavors!
•CBD & CBG Diamonds & live sugar!
•Bulk exotic strainJoints & Hemp Blunts
•Caviar blunts
•Kief covered Joints
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