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Flower 10/08/2021

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$ 650.00
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Oasis Farms
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: Peter Tabaka

At Oasis Farms we have a fresh harvest of Light Dep Greenhouse hemp flowers, plus much more. All of our hemp flowers are grown using organic growing techniques. We carefully sort and trim each lb. Our THCO, D8, and D10 flower is lab infused not sprayed. Each batch is third-party tested. We offer D8 infused hemp flowers, D8 carts, gummies, and bulk distillate.

Infused THCO Greenhouse light Dep flower- Fresh Harvest ($650) *Volume discounts Available.

-Pineapple OG
-Sour Lifter
-White Russian- CBG & Bubba Kush cross
-Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Kush Mints

Delta 10 Flower Green House light Dep- Fresh Harvest- ($800) *Volume discounts Available.

-Pineapple OG
-Sour Lifter
-White Russian

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