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Flower 07/08/2021

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$ 300.00
DELTA 8 FLOWERS!! Infused with delta 8 distillate & Kief. NO Solvent
strain: Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush & Runtz

Delta 8 -1 lb = $ 350/ lb. plus shipping
Delta 8 -10 or more lbs = $ 300 /lb. plus shipping

Order : Text : 951-581-3739
33-20-0090 G
1 lb.
Zelle, Cash App ,Wire, ACH,Cashier Check and Pay pal

: Hempstar Farm

Order : Text : 951-581-3739 . Grown hemp with Excellence!! Our Hemp Farm is located at Thermal, California. Our farm utilizes best management practices in an effort to raise the best naturally grown industrial hemp right here in California. Our hemp is not treated with pesticides or herbicides are applied to our fields or greenhouse plants. For plant nutrition and soil health, we use organic compost and fertilizers. We offer high CBD & CBG hemp flower from our year-round production greenhouses, biomass for extraction from our irrigated fields.

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