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Old Mission Cultivars LLC
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: Old Mission Cultivars

Our Northern Michigan farm is wholesale liquidating our 2020 harvest. This lot will move quick! We are not brokers and are farm-direct producers.
Our farm grew all High Grade Hemp genetics.
CBG strain is Matterhorn CBG and our CBD strain is Merlot.
This material will be great for extractions!
We've had a test CO2 run on the materials with impressive extraction yields.

CBD Biomass 5.45% CBD 0.1996% THC
Whole plant chipped. Not milled
4,000lbs @ $4/pound ($0.75/%/pound)

CBG Biomass 4.53% CBG 0.88% THC
Plant Chipped. Stalk removed. Not milled.
3,500lbs @ $5.60/pound ($1.25/%/pound)

B Grade flower 6.91% CBG 0.090% THC
Popcorn buds, no fan leaves, stalks, or stems
Sugar leaves intact
500lbs @ $12/pound ($1.75/%.pound)

Trimmed Flower 8.73% CBG 0.139% THC
No fan leaves, stalks, or stems
Some sugar leaves intact
160lbs @ $17/pound ($2/%/pound)

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