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Flower 08/24/2020

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$ 70.00
1200 pounds available
Hardwood Farms
Cash, card, check, wire

: oregonseedlings

1200 pounds of bulk machine trimmed Carolina Dream flower. Farmer direct, no broker or funny business in between.

This flower is perfect to finish with a hand trim for premium prices or ready for spraying with Delta8-THC.

Grown and harvested in Oregon. The flower went through a slow drying and curing process, allowing for strong, bold aroma and smooth flavor.

To quality for the $100/lb, a min order of 20 lbs is required. We ship nationwide and international, however buyers assume the risk of customs seizing international products.

Sample 1 lb orders available at $200/lb.

We can spray Delta8-THC (roughly 50mg/g of flower) for an extra $200/lb.

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