Oregon Territory Farms LLC


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Flower 09/16/2020

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$ 175.00
Outstanding 2022 Crop! Perfectly cured and 4X machine trimmed, ran through twice, with hand-touch for premium presentation. Hand trimmed and light dep available as well. Text or email for wholesale inquiries or visit our website at www.hempsaloon.com for direct orders. CBD: Cakeberry Brulee - Limited Supply Elektra - Limited Supply Sour Candy Kush Super Sour Space Candy Suver Haze - Limited Supply CBG: White CBG MULTIPLE WAYS TO PURCHASE: ~ Flower ~ On Vine ~ Pre Roll Mix - Prescreened and Ready to Pre Roll with any Custom Blend ~ Whole Plant Biomass (No Stock Minimal Stem): Fair Market Value ~ CBD | CBG Kief
Oregon Territory Farms LLC
1 LB
Multiple Payment Options Accepted: Debit/Credit, ACH, Venmo, bank to bank wire transfers, and now Crypto Payments! Shipping charges extra.

: Oregon Territory Farms LLC

Our Flower is expertly and lovingly grown, harvested at the optimum time, then hang dried and slow cured to perfection. Finished Flower is stored in a climate and humidity-controlled environment to ensure top quality in every sense.

Shipping Charges Apply – Orders Shipped Via UPS – Buyer’s Choice of Overnight, 2nd or 3rd Day Air, or Ground.
Orders typically ship the following day of a confirmed deposit. Lead time may apply on bulk orders.

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