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$ 300.00
We currently offer 2 strains to choose from all Nitrogen sealed for ultimate freshness and longer shelf-life:

Lifter - CBDA 22.74% / Total CBD 19.32%
Suver Haze - CBDA 23.05% / Total CBD 19.57% - All with Compliant Levels of THC

King Size Pre Rolled Cones: 100-499 ct - Bulk Loose @ $2.50 Each // 500+@ $1.75 Each
50 Cents Extra For Tube Insert

Extraction Ready Whole Plant Biomass (No Stock Minimal Stem) - $2.50 / LB / % Point*

40 Micron Dry Sift Kief

*All prices open to negotiation!

Based in Central Oregon, bulk discounts available, minimum orders apply. We accept bank to bank transfers, verified check or cash. Orders typically ship the following day of a confirmed deposit. Lead time may apply on bulk orders.
Oregon Territory Farms LLC
1 Lb
We accept bank to bank transfers, verified check or cash.

: Oregon Territory Farms LLC

Redmond (Central Oregon), OR

Seasoned Cultivators with 30+ years’ experience in the cultivation of Cannabis, paired with the experience of Hemp Industry Professionals. We specifically cultivate CBD industrial Hemp for the boutique style trimmed flower market. Also available: Biomass, King-Size Pre Rolled Cones, 40 Micron Dry Sift Kief and more.

For 2019 we farmed roughly 80,000 CBD Derivative Industrial Hemp Feminized Plants, exclusively from the prestigious Hemp Seed Geneticist, Oregon CBD. Our Flower is put through a rigorous trimming routine using state of the art equipment and seasoned cannabis pros to maintain quality control for each and every nug. Biomass is conventionally dried, cured and processed as whole plant bucked material with minimal stem and no stocks. Flower and Biomass are stored in a climate and humidity controlled environment to ensure top quality.

Call or text Matt @ 541.588.0288 for more info or email us at Team@OregonTerritoryFarms.com.
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