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Commercial Co2 Extracted Toll Prices
We give you back everything including CBD oil / Waxes/ Lipids / and the Terpenes
1,000 lb Minimum Batch required with current Pesticide COA / Compliant State testing where it was harvested.

Products that we offer to our customers are Co2 extracted Crude w/Inline Filtration $25 Per pound

Winterized Crude Winterized using multi-step filtration, then ethanol is removed $30 Per pound

NDT Distillate is available for added cost depending on potency and other variables Call for questions.

Tony @ 541 570-8065

Pacific West Manufacturing


Medford, OR

Pacific West Manufacturing is leading the way in large commercial scale Co2 extraction and remediation of industrial hemp. Our processing capabilities are 3,200 - 5,000 lbs per day. Our team is assembled of experts with decades of extraction experience on cannabis materials.

Call 541-570-8065

CBD Winterized Oil Pricing
62%-65% CBD Co2 Oil = 1,000 per KG
66%-70% CBD Co2 Oil = 1,200 per Kg
72%-75% CBD Co2 Oil = 1,400 per Kg
76%-85% CBD Co2 Oil = 1,500 per Kg

CBG Oil Pricing
30%-40% CBG Co2 Crude = 8,500 per KG
40%-50% CBG Co2 Crude = 10,000 per Kg
50% Winterized Co2 CBG Oil = 15,000 per Kg
80% CBG Distillate = 25,000 per Kg
80% CBG
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