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Nano 114 07/02/2020

One Tube of 30 Sublingual CBD Tablets
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: Jerry Petrole

Tamaqua, Pennsylvania

AIS Nutraceuticals offers fast-acting tablets manufactured under a patented Nano-technology formulation providing a rapid delivery system allowing up to 80% of the active ingredient to be adsorbed vs no more than 20% for common products! Maximum CBD absorption gives the user a much higher level of relief! Each tablet contains 12.3 mg of pure CBD isolate. Just place 1 tablet under your tongue for a fast natural relief. Our sublingual tablets have been found to eliminate pain, inflammation, anxiety, and they are an excellent sleep aid. By placing these tablets under the tongue a much higher CBD level is quickly absorbed and distributed throughout the body providing quicker relief than other CBD products providing fast acting relief when and where you need it. And many gentlemen are finding that these tablets are eliminating trips to the bathroom during sleep time! Remember its not the amount of active CBD ingredient on the label BUT it is the amount of CBD absorbed that brings relief!
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